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Yangon & Environs

Yangon (Rangoon)

Yangon (formerly Rangoon), is the gateway into Myanmar and the economic capital of “Republic of Union of Myanmar”. Ever-green and cool with lush tropical trees, shady parks and beautiful lakes. Yangon has earned the name of the" Garden City of the East.

Relatively simple city without skyscrapers, neon-lit clamour, crowded squalor and the pace of modern life, Yangon is attractive in its own special way. The Yangon River gives it color and peninsular look touching the city in the east and south flanks.

It was founded by King Alaungpaya of Konbaung Dynasty on the site of a small settlement called Dagon when he conquered lower Myanmar in 1755. He named the Yangon means "End of Strife".

Towering over the city is the glittering world famous Shwe Dagon Pagoda (2600-year-old) with its spire rising to a height of 99.4 meters (326ft). It is the essence of Myanmar and a place that never fails to enchant, it is incomplete without visiting the Great Shwe Dagon Pagoda.

Highlights; Sule Pagoda in the heart of city; Botataung Pagoda looking the waterfront; the Colossal Reclining Buddha Image of Chauk-Htat-Gyi Pagoda,Kaba Aye (World Peace Pagoda)and Maha Pasana Guha or the Great Cave, others include Colonial Buildings, Chinatown, National Museum and the Bogyoke (Scott) Market.


Thanlyin (Syriam)

Thanlyin (formerly Syriam) is just 21 km from Yangon where Yele Pagoda on a small island at Kyauktan is situated. Drive and cross the Bago River, one of the longest bridge to Thanlyin was an important trading centre in the 17thcentury under the Portuguese. In 1613, the Bamar King Alaungpaya besieged Thanlyin and King Natshin Naung to death. Then he destroyed Thanlyin completely in the year 1756. Places of interest include Old Portuguese Building, Kyaik Khauk Pagoda.




Twante, a small town is reached by road and a ferry-boat along the Yangon River and Twante Canal (22miles long) from Yangon. All ships from deltaic area of the Ayeyarwaddy Division call at Twante, hence a busy jetty. Twante is famed for the production of various vegetables and fruits in large quantity make famous. Including Twante Shwesandaw Pagoda, Oh-Bo Pottery Sheds, local town market, Baungdawgyoke Pagoda, Snake Temple and weavers are among the interesting sites to see the life in a typical delta river village.

Bago (Pegu)

Bago is just 80km (50 miles) from north of Yangon. Two Mon Brothers Thamala & Wimala from Thaton were founded at first. An ancient city of Mon Kingdom in 15thcentury with richest archaeological sites and it came to be known as Hansavati (Hanthawaddy).

It was also the sea port of ancient Mon Kingdom. Then it became the Second Myanmar Empire founded by King Bayintnaung.

Recommended tour highlights include Shwemawdaw Pagoda, Kalyani Sima, Shwethalyaung (Reclining Buddha), Kanbawza Thadi Palace & Bago Market.


Kyaikhtiyo (The Golden Rock)

Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda is located about 160km from Yangon. Rising 1100 meters above sea level, this small golden stupa stands on the top of a huge gold-gilded boulder. This Golden Rock is precariously perched on the edge of the hill and is a place of important pilgrimage for Buddhists.

It automatically makes a good hiking. The Pagoda Festival is annually held from November to May. Tourist can make a side trip there from Yangon and get back the same day if set out very early. Crowds of pilgrims from all parts of Myanmar both along the climbing paths and on the Pagoda Platform are themselves attractive.



Pyay is located 285 km north-west of Yangon which can be reached by road. Site of interest include the Shwesandaw Pagoda, Shwedaung Pagoda and the ancient ruins of Thayekhittaya and Hmawza also known as Sri Ksetra. Near Pyay and reached by boat, are the Akauk Taung - beautiful Buddha images carved in the banks of rock along the river.



Taungoo (Pho Kyar Forest Resort)

Pho Kyar Forest Resort is located in Yedashe Township of Thargara. It is 10 miles 2 furlong from Thargara, in the the area of Swa forest reserve area, on the bank of Thaing creek.The resort has 20 acres in area, which is larger than Myaing Hay Wun Elephant Camp. This forest can be accessed from Yangon to Swa Township. Thargara by car is 204 miles. From Thargara to Pho Kyar Resort the drive by car is 10 miles all seasons.

Like many other forest resorts, it has a great opportunity to study natural forest plants including different species of hardwood, large forests teak wood, other valuable forest plants different life span bamboos, cane and different flora. Tour offers elephant riding for short trips and long trips. Bathing and washing elephants can also be viewed.

Mawlamyaing (Moulmein)

Mawlamyaing is the capital city of Mon State. It is easily accessible by car or train from Yangon. Places of interest in this area include the Mahamuni & Uzina Pagodas, Kyaikthanlan Pagoda and the Mon Cultural Museum. Nearby places of interest include Setse` Beach, Kyaikkhami (Amherst); a seaside resort with its Yele Pagoda perched over the sea.

Thanbyuzayat, about 35 miles away by rail or by car, south from Mawlamaying lies Thanbyuzayat where there is a war memorial cemetery for common wealth and allied service men who died in WWII including many who toiled on notorious death railway.




The capital city of Kayin State, Hpa-an is located 270 km east of Yangon. The town is dotted with a ridge of hills andmagnificent cavessuch as Bayin Nyi, Saddan and the Kawtgoon (natural lime stone) which measures 200 feet height and300 feet length.

The visit to the unusual shaped Zwekabin Hill and brilliant landscape will be an unforgettable experience. It is easily accessible by land route from Yangon. This is perfect hiking country with its small lakes and many grottoes. The colorful costumes of the Kayin women are a sight to be seen.


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